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Hello! My name is Remy Chow. This is a website I use to showcase my art. I mostly do painting with some digital art and animation here and there.

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When a Duck needs a bit of Love

Acrylic paint on wood

This is my submission for The Mission Kiss art event on September 25, 2022. It is inspired by the famous rabbit-duck illusion. It follows the themes of the art event which are positivity, love, and diversity.

The animal on the left is unambiguously a rabbit. It is based on the American white rabbit. The one on the right can be interpreted as either a duck or a rabbit. I based it off of the Thrianta rabbit with black ears and the Ruddy Shelduck. The Thrianta rabbit does not have black ears, but I have seen rabbits with a white body and black ears, so I figured it is possible to have that combination.

I think these stick to the theme pretty well. The animals are in peace and harmony. That love doesn't have to be just within your own group. And there is a diversity of ways the piece can interpreted which are all correct.